Please help! (SATA/install problems)

Hi all,

I'm trying to do a clean install of vista on a new build, and I can't figure out how to install the SATA driver for my WD HD. Bios recognizes it fine, but the vista install doesn't -- when doing a clean install there's an option for inserting a driver disk, but it doesn't find any compatible drivers on the disc that came w/my GA-EP35 mobo. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm ripping my remaining hairs out...
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  1. Have you checked to make sure your HD is not in Raid via the BIOS? Also are the drivers on your disk for vista or xp? Also are you using a 64-bit OS?
  2. Hi
    Raid isn't an option in my mobo's bios (the ep25-ds3l doesn't support it). I'm using the 64-bit vista OS; I'm not sure which drivers I need for sure from the Gigabyte disc, but it does contain 64bit folders. Any ideas what the filenames for the drivers in question are likely to be?
  3. Try this:
    1) turn off ACHI
    2) turn on SATA Port 0-1 Native ON.

    If that doesnt work then use WD Digital Data life guard and test your HD.
  4. Oh also do you have access to another computer? If all the above I listed fails try this:

    Connect to a second computer with a sata/usb adapter or just connect it internally, run western digital tools to format and create a new partition. I have read around where someone had similar problems to yours with the P35 chipset and vista 64bit and coincidentally they had a WD hd :)
  5. Good suggestions, panda -- I'll be trying them later today! (need a usb/sata connector to use my other computer). WD customer support was no help -- they're "not trained" for vista 64-bit support, so can't help. Grr
  6. Lol, not trained for vista ha ha funny stuff. If none of that works then I have no clue what is wrong lol good luck with it all though :)
  7. Update: after an hour w/gigabyte's customer service (and he was awesome), we tried installing XP instead of Vista (duh, can't believe I didn't try that), and XP recognizes the drive just fine. So, it's either a Vista (64) issue or a WD problem. I'm going to try initializing/formatting with XP (assuming I don't run into licensing issues) and then upgrade to Vista. <fingers crossed>
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