Will I see any performance increase at all with this card?

I currently have a 7900 gtx and a P4 3.6 ghz HT. Yes, I know that the processor is bottlenecking the card.

I just got a evga 8800 GT 512 DDR3 Superclocked for a price I couldn't pass up. It's only about 30 bucks more than I could sell my old card for on ebay.

Here is my question. And yes, I'm very aware that my P4 will also bottleneck the new card. But, will I see any performance increase at all? Will I at least see 30 bucks worth of improvement? Or, should I just dump the new card off on ebay and keep the 7900 gtx? The games I'm most concerned about are Oblivion, COD4, and Stalker. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. it depends on the resolution, 12x10 or below, you will not see any noticable improvement, the proc is too much a bottlenck for the 8800s
  2. Well, I was hoping to get an increase at 1600x1200. Will I see any improvement then?
  3. yes, you would ,especially for those newer games, if you run that, then enable filtering, aa, af. The CPU bottleneck can be envisioned as a roof, preventing the GPU from reaching the sky and achieving its max potential. So, you make the card do more work seeing as how it isnt challenged enough. The 3.6 Pentium has a roof that blocks ppl of even 5ft statures.
  4. Yes!
    Even CPU bound the 8800GT is massively more powerful than your 7900GTX.
  5. I understand that the P4 has a pretty low ceiling, or roof as you put it. And, although I didn't mention it in my original post, I plan on building a new pc within the next 3-6 months. At the moment, I'm planning on the e8400 being the cpu. So, in reality, this 8800 gt can just be looked at as a head start on my new build.

    I was just wondering if I would see any noticeable performance increase at all, even though the card will obviously be bottlenecked.
  6. See two posts up then go and get your $30 upgrade.
    It will give you a large performance increase at low and high resolutions with your current CPU and even more power when you upgrade th rest of your system.
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