WERInternalMetadata xml,WER7678.tmp.appcompat.txt,WER789C.tmp.hdmp

I have been having some problems with the windows lately. First there were some minor windows opening from internet explorer, and I was just closing them but now I can not access any folder and the google chrome shortcut icon disappeared. Can not access even My Computer.

There appears a sign- Windows Explorer is not working.

And then it freezes and reapers shortly after.

There are also there windows opening :

microsoft windows search protocol host
- files that are not working correctly:


Please help me. Are these files Viruses, should I just try delete them in safe mode?

Thank you
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  1. Well there's most likely a combination of things

    you most likely got a virus/malware
    and you probably also have some corrupted system files

    first order of business

    Free anti-virus:
    -Microsoft Security Essentials

    Free anti-spyware/anti-malware:
    -malware bytes
    -spybot search & destroy
    -super anti-spyware

    after that if the problem hasn't been solved, try system restore and if that doesn't help perform a repair installation of windows
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