OMG Nvidia 280 what a joke!

More than $600.00 for what? lmao

ill stick to my 8800gts (g92) :) i am quite happy and will be for some time to come:)

Why do we need this 600.00 plus dollar card right now? this is f'ing ridiculous. the only good thing to come of this is pushing decent needed/sutible card's prices down.
I dont see too many people rushing off too buy these cards IMO.

Please share your thoughts.
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  1. Too expensive for me, too. I definitely stick with my 8800GT's SLIed.
  2. yeah stick with them, 2 8800GT in SLI beat a GTX 280 in alsmot every game
  3. well ATI/AMD did turn around and say they were no longer aiming at the high end, Nvidia is changing the market in there favor, release a really expensive card which only a few will buy, lower the prices on the G92 give them an upgrade to bring them upto par and you have a brilliantly performing graphics card which costs less than AMDs.
  4. Think of a price for a GFX card and SOMEBODY will buy it.

    Also, quit yer whinging about $600. The cheapest Ive seen them is for ~$800USD here in AUS.
  5. *Beats dead horse*
  6. Id pay $400 for it. Not more tho.
  7. Yea, stop being babies.
  8. woah that is expensive, translates to round 1500 New zealand dollars and I thought we paid high prices compared to the states, they are round $1000 here. but so was the gx2 till a few days ago. thats why I get my stuff from new egg shipped to a friend then shipped over here - still works out 200-300 cheaper just a month longer. so yea dont complain just think of how high the prices are in other places! and your lucky you dont live here!
  9. For the price of a single GTX280, in my country, I can get 2 9800GTX and a Q6600...

    Or I can get a factory overclocked 9800GX2(Whats a extra R100 for the factory oced version when the standard version is R6900?) and have almost enough for a Q6600.

    Either of those are better a option. The GTX280 just isn't worth it. Lets hope the die shrink helps.
  10. americans stop wining. lol. we can do what we want we are americans. just get an ati . american owned company. nvidea just doesnt have the value.
  11. if u dont like the price then move to america, quit wining baby :)
  12. whining*
  13. Mate you can edit your posts, you don't need to make a third post with spelling corrections.
  14. ^^ hes an american ...what do you expect?? :D
  15. To be honest, not alot considering his grammar skills. y canT pPl use pRopa grama?!!one!!1! Is it that difficult?
  16. lameness said:

    The currency converter at has it as $939 right now. At any rate, I'm sure you pay more for ATI cards too. IMHO, Nvidia releasing this at around $600 is still too high for what it is. Maybe drivers will improve things, but I don't think the GTx280 will be worth it before the die shrink later in the year.

    Nvidia fans, my advice is to not buy this dud. Get it when Nvidia shrinks the die and has mature drivers.

    lameness said:
    ^^ hes an american ...what do you expect?? :D

    There are people like that everywhere. I see quite a few from Europe, and the Middle East. So, quit bashing Americans. You guys would be either Nazi or Communist ruled if it wasn't for the U.S.

    The challenge before you today in Europe is how to stop becoming Eurabia, how to maintain European culture while immigrants you allowed to not assimilate hold on to cultures that threaten Western values.

    Here's a hint for Europe: return to Christianity instead of being so overwhelmingly atheist and have more children while encouraging immigrants to practice their religion and cultures as assimilated Europeans who respect all religions and cultures.

    The way things are going, the 22nd century will involve two power blocks and rival cultures, Chinese pseudo-capitalist Communism vs. radical Islam, with Europe lost to Islam and America isolationist.
  17. I'll stick to my 9800 gtx.Will sli it farther down the road.
  18. Wow. I thought this was about a video card, not how expensive it is to live <insert country here>. Grow up guys.

    The fact is, the card is overpriced at the moment. Really overpriced. They are just doing it to make some quick cash off of it from the hardcores who will buy it, the prices should go down very soon I would guess.
  19. overpriced ya .. but theres always ppl who will pay this price so ...

    wait for a real mature driver .. ppl alwasy trash new generation cause they dont gave the power they was supposed .... without good driver, how do you want to perfom well .. stop with early benchmark etc ... remember HD2900? ok was suppose to be better than that, btu after 2 or 3 driver update, its a not the same card as the begin.
  20. I want Dx10.1 or the ability to upgrade with a firmware patch too Dx10.1 for that price.
  21. Yipsl, ever read any history book? Let me guess you are a strong believer in the way of Christian. I assure you that not believing in anything (it used to be atheist until the Russians took it to make a believe of it) isn't as weak as you might think.

    I am a proud non-believer. Why? Because I want to hold my own destiny in my hands. I don't want to blame my problems on others and I don't want to hope it becomes better tomorrow, I will do my best to make it better tomorrow.

    I respect everyone and their believes, some need a religion to gain strength and a lot use religion as an excuse. Look at the Islam bombing, it's not Islam, it's a group people who believe in the Islam and use it's words to justify their actions.

    History lesson learns us that the Christians you are so proud of have done the same thing a long time ago. They called it the Crusades, went to another country and fought a war that was based on religion. Don't be so fast to judge someone with another religion than your own as it's not in any way deciding if they will be easier to protect their own country or not.

    Europe is going strong and is becoming a great asset to the world politics and the world economy. They are more social than America (everyone there own politics) and want to protect everyone. Sometimes they go too far with the protection and sometimes they just fail outright too, just like everyone else.

    Europe is in no way being assimilated by radical Islam's or Communists from the east. They are open minded and want to negotiate with all and try by talking changing how people think.

    But about this card, 600 dollar for that is just a joke. And for the record, everyone complaining about things so much more expansive in your country (I know, they are still selling the fx5 series here for 200+dollar and the newest card I have seen is the 8300 :( and no, they don't have the 8800) remember that if the other cards are more expansive, this one is even far more expansive.

    The States have it easier on computer parts, but it's no excuse to make expansive cards like this. I'll find a way to get a nice 4850 or 4870 and I hope Nvidia opens it's eyes and realises people don't need state of the art graphics. If only Sli+Xfire would work properly so they could just make good low and mid end cards and people would just buy more to increase power.
  22. I'd just like to point out that I, as well, am an American.

    Just to balance out the scales and make us look a little better. :)
  23. Yeah, the 280 GTX is way overpriced and the performance jump from a 9800 GX2 isn't even that great. WTF was NVIDIA thinking pricing this card way to high for a product that isn't even that superior to its predecessors.
  24. It's the fastest video chip on the planet. They can charge whatever the hell they like. Get over it.
  25. This American is crying because he can't afford one.
    Maybe that's a good thing - shouldn't waste money needlessly - my 8800 GTX is still a beast.
  26. i bought bfg gtx 280 at the weekend, its awesome!!!
  27. Quote:
    im not your mate. do i sound like a homo eroupean from london or some *** auzzie?. ill snap a pic of our american yellow school buses :) show it to your friends :) they will think its cool :) lol

    What are you like 12 or something?

  28. cwead13 said:
    This American is crying because he can't afford one.
    Maybe that's a good thing - shouldn't waste money needlessly - my 8800 GTX is still a beast.

    So is mine :) :sol:
  29. I don't under stand how it works, make fun of any other country and its racism but it doesn't count when making fun of the states? LOL
  30. OK, folks no religion or jingoism needed in the tech forums.
    As the thread has devolved and little worthy content it's closing.

    Thanks for comin' out folks.

    May I seuggest some of you visit our "Other" lounge where they love a little provincial bashing. :hello:
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