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So I have a really old dell case (dell dimension xps t450) sitting around that I recently modded and painted and did all sorts of cool stuff to and I was hopping to put a system together with it. the only problem is that the front panel connectors that come with it don't match up to the new mobo's front panel header. Does anyone know of a place that sells the front panel switch with the wires? Or how I can ghetto rig the old stuff to make it work. The mobo i am using is the Biostar K8M800. thanks
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  1. use pliers to break apart header for the case's front panel until all pins are seperate. the alternative is to go on craigslist and find a used or free nasty computer, cut the front panel wires out, and splice the wires in to create the necessary pin connections you want. when modding just drilling a hole and using a radio shack switch makes things simple too.
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