Intel E6750 - Command rate 1T or 2TB?


Looking at CPU-Z (v1.46) today, I noticed that the Command Rate for my RAM was set at 2T. I have 2 X 1GB Corsair PC-6400 sticks (800mhz), so that got me wondering as to whether I should change the Rate to the 'faster' 1T?

After Goggling around I for a bit I was still left unsure as to whether my CPU/Chipset would even allow me to run the memory at 1T - yes or no? Also, would switching to IT screw-up my Overclocking, or make it unstable? I ask as everything is hunky-dory and rock-stable at the moment!

Any advice appreciated,

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  1. You can change it to 1T in the bios. Make sure you run Memtest86+ or Prime95 to check for errors.
    2T is probably more stable.
  2. It can screw up you OC. If it doesn't like the 1T, for me it was No POST, then you'd have to reset the BIOS.

    Shouldn't be a problem if your BIOS can store profiles or just write down your settings on paper.
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