E2220 stock heatsink?

I have two computers that can take this cpu, both of them are designed around heatsinks that have screws and simply screw into the mobo.

I know some heatsinks have little pieces of plastic that snap when pushed in and to remove you must squeeze and pull.

My question is what kind does the e2200 come with? I want to buy the one from newegg but nobody talked about it in the comments...

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  1. The posts will be this style...

    Compliments to Google for their quick searching...
  2. outlw6669 said:

    Regarding the push pins these photos are correct. I think the e2xxx series coolers come with a aluminium core though.
  3. Yup, sure are made of just aluminium.
    Cheap POS coolers.
    If you can afford it, get a cheap aftermarket like the AC Freezer 7 Pro.
    Prety much anything is better that the cheap stock ones.
  4. EDIT: Can those push pins push into where my screws usually screw in? After all they are both holes.

    I already bought the cpu too...

    Looks like if I can't mod it for screws i'll have to make a quick trip to radio shack because i'm not waiting for more shipped items.
  5. Bump^^ ^

    Could really use some info on above post...
  6. No. Unfortunately you can't. I have a compaq pc, and purchased an aftermarket heatsink that screws in for about $15 including shipping from newegg's open box section. It's possible to remove the mounting bracket, but I was too lazy. I happen to see this item listed; it was the same brand as my original heatsink (AVC), so I ordered it. A few other brands screw in; you'll just have to check. Newegg gets in new open box items about once a week.
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