G-card related to photoshop ?

[#2a00d4]Is there anyone out there who does Photoshop???????
I was told that a G-card is not relavent to Photoshop but...I recently added one and
my SD card downloads are now aprx 30% faster...big time saver...and when I'm in
Cyberlink and I clic on Fast Forward...the thing used to step up to the speed I'd selected in noticible increments(in 8x 16x and 32x), but now it jumps almost instantly
to whatever speed I select...so Dr. Frankenstein here has concluded it's because of
the additional memory...therefor we "need" a card/w more memory yet...now 256Mb...
going for 1G...but...should I go 8600 X 1G or 8800 X 1G...about $120.00 extra for the
8800...here is the main point...I don't do games...therefor the serious hezitation
about the extra $120.00...most 8600's don't support the 2500 X 1600 resolution that the 8800's do( For DVD playback in Cyberlink)
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  1. Photoshop is all about CPU power, and an Intel quadcore will give the best performance. Though even a cheap dedicated graphics card is better than onboard.

    Something like this would be fine since you don't game:

    It does 2560x1600 and decodes 1080p Blu-Ray movies (if you have a Blu-Ray drive).


    Do you have a 2560x1600 monitor? That's a 28-30" widescreen LCD that costs $600+.

    If you don't have one, then that 2560x1600 support means absolutely nothing to you.
  2. SD card downloads related to your graphics card? Huh?

    Something is not making sense, there.
  3. Cleeve, how can you be confused !?!

    Obviously a better graphics card will render the progress bar much faster, and thus copy the information faster from the SD card.

    It's so simple. ;)

    Anywhoooo, on a more serious note....

    If anything I could see a change of drivers, or a freeing of system memory helping some things, but I doubt it'd do anything for SD through-put unless the old video solution was sharing bandwidth with the USB hub at some point in the chipset and now it's not.
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