What is the worlds smallest video resolution recorder?

I was just wondering what was the smallest video resolution recorder in the world? This is in pixels. This is native video recordings. I am not sure. I think it may come from low end Nokia or SE hand phones. I did found this link:
It may be the world smallest recorder, but what is the world's smallest video resolution recorder? Anyone can share any info
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  1. Well anything below 320x240 isn't particularly useful so I am guessing half of that?

    Edit: My old 6680 could do 206x176(native screen res) and lower but I can't remember exactly what the lower ones where.
  2. I know its not useful, I just want to find out if there is any that does below that resolution
  3. The game boy camera was lower resolution I believe - 128x112 Im fairly certain you could find lower resolution cameras out there for specific uses, probably very likely with tiny medical cameras where resolution may be limited due to physical size.
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