Need an MSI motherboard suggestion for my build

Well i've more or less decided on what to get when I upgrade my pc (referring to earlier post). The only issue left now is that of the motherboard and since gigabyte is not available where I live, I'd prefer to go for an MSI motherboard over an Asus one.

I'm basically going for a gaming pc as a college student (though not toward the extreme end) and I don't intend to get a motherboard which supports SLI or Crossfire.

My intended rig will be:




GFX card:

Those are about the main things that are needed to list I guess. I'd prefer to get an MSI motherboard which supports both DDR2 and DDR3 ram if possible. Oh and thanks in advance for the help- I tried researching about the motherboards from the other threads but all that info only ended up making me confused :)
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