Acer AL2216W + x1950 Pro = No Signal

So this morning I turned on my computer and was greeted with a No Signal error on the monitor right after the Windows splash screen (when the video drivers are loaded). 2 hours later here's what I've tried so far:

1) complete uninstall and reinstall of video drivers

2) reinstalled monitor drivers

3) reinstalled Windows

4) re-seated video card

5) tried a different video card (X1800XL) no luck again

Nothing has helped. I can still get into Windows if I boot up in VGA mode (or in Safe Mode) but my resolution is limited to 640x480. Trying to increase the resolution kills the signal to the monitor again. I don't have a second monitor to try, but I should be able to borrow one from work later today. Until then, any ideas? :sweat:
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  1. Found the problem...

    apparently it's a fairly common problem with various monitors. For some reason the EDID information inside the monitor becomes corrupt, and this corrupt data gets fed to the video drivers on start up. DVI input is broken until I can reflash the EDID information into the monitor, until then VGA input is working at the native resolution (1680x1050) so I guess that'll have to do.

    Now to call Acer's tech support to try and get a copy of the EDID for this monitor... should be fun :/
  2. lol good luck.
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