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How do you remove a write protection from a flash drive (jump drive, thumb drive)? It does not have a reset button, it did not come with a manual or anything like that.
After the first time that I put stuff on the jump drive, I removed it correctly, and when I inserted it again, it would not allow me to add anything to the drive. I can still use it, but I can not put anything on it. And since it is a 16 GB drive, it only has about 2 GB worth of stuff on it, it was a waste of money.
Any info would help
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  1. The only thing that comes to mind is, that some have a lock switch on them, some on the side some on the bottom, which maybe you didn't notice and accidently locked it. Some have software protection, did it come with any sofware on it?
    Maybe if you give the make and model, maybe someone has had experiance with it, good or bad.
    There is also the case where some have been sold quoting a larger capacity then what they actually are, ie; sold as 8gb, actual capacity 1 or 2 gb.
    Does Windows show the correct amount free, which should be 14 gb.
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