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how do you download directx or direct3d to get my games to work.
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  1. Hey Diane, DirectX can be downloaded at the MS website. DirectX includes direct3d. just click your way to the downloads center and you will see directx there.
  2. You should post your system specs and what games you are trying to get to work. Did they work before you re-install Windows, got a new system, what's going on? Usually your type of questions won't get solved by what you are asking, but rather by explaining why you are asking it.

    What Windows version are you using, what's your computer model, what video card do you have, what are the games, etc...
  3. My computer crashed and I had to do everything all over, so I did but I don't have my direct3d driver and I need to install that so I can play my games.
  4. Download DX9 from the following link:
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