Gigabyte ga-ep45-ds3p problem this Gigabyte ga-ep45-ds3p (bios f6) core2 8400 corsair xms2 2x2gb today i've installed xp sp2 then with the Gig. cd all the motherb. drivers .was everything ok ;mean was on the net ,downloaded sp3 and other xp updates then i've installed the catalyst 8.7 , got sapphire 4850,and here started the problems. xp (now sp3)doesnt even start ,asked me if i wanted to load ,restore the last optimal configuration, nothing doesnt even start in safe mode :All the times i see the xp picture loading and then i return on the bios another time?????.... dont know what to do is the 3 time i install xp but the first 2 times was with the f3 bios ,guessed that the new f6 had resolved the problem but here i am Stuck
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  1. no 1 but 44 read why?
  2. Hi mate!
    I have the same motherboard and there is probably a solution for you!
    I had similar problems when i first bought it. The system in default would ran fine, but if i tried overclocking even a few MHz it would crash completely!
    I am very glad to announce that they have since released a decent BIOS upgrade that fixed all those problems. I don't know why it took them over a month to fix it, and i certainly was not happy about it, but at least it is over now.

    Head over to:

    Download the latest BIOS (F7, 22-8-2008) and install it

    Then try installing Windows and everything again. This time it should let you play nice. Good luck and hope everything works out good like in my case!
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