First OC

I oced to 2.7ghz as my VID is 1.325 so want to take it slow.
I left everything on auto apart from bus speed and RAM timings. On auto it set my RAM to 1000 and Im on 9 x 300 atm.

I used OCCT linpack test for 15 mins and it passed, highest temp was 53C. Is this ok? Can I take it higher and shud I change any other options in bios when trying for 3ghz?
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  1. forgot to mention i got a G0 stepping Q6600 with a xigmatek s1283 cooler, on gigabyte ud3r mobo and 4gb corsair xms2 800hmz RAM.
  2. 53C is fine. Have you read the How To sticky?
  3. reading through now
  4. I have read the sticky and am still unsure about one thing.
    I just upped the FSB to 333 so now I am at 3ghz and I got the RAM at 5 5 5 18 @ 1:1 ratio. Everything else is auto or default. I had Load Line Calibration enabled and passed 30 mins of Large FTT in Prime95. VCore was @ 1.397 at all times in CPUZ. Max temps during the test was 50 50 48 48. Is this ok like this or should I disable Load Line Calibration? Also is it safe to keep the voltages as they are ohn auto?
  5. I would not use auto voltages, had bad experience with those. Just manually put all voltages to lowest/default settings. My Q6600 G0 is stable at 3.2ghz, at below stock voltage. Auto setting will give you more volts than you need, which means more heat
    Edit: also, don't mess with load line calibration. 50c is fine, my processor gets to 60c. I consider anything below 70c at full load to be safe enough
  6. ok
    I have set all voltages to normal apart from RAM and Vcore which is at 1.331.
    Passed 30 mins of Prime95 small tft test so far.
    As I only changed the Vcore up a little from 1.325, do I still need to do a 24 hour Prime95 test to see if Im stable?
  7. Well, 24 hours would be good, but in reality if you leave it running overnight and it doesn't fail, its fine.

    Yes, you do need to still check for stability, if the processor doesn't have enough volts, it'll be unstable. If you're lucky though, you can OC it fairly well without any voltage increase.
  8. if it fails after 8 hours then is that normally not enough MCH voltage?
    mine is at 1.10 at, default.
  9. I'm not sure about other voltages, I've only needed to adjust the vcore, which is at 1.175 now
  10. UPDATE
    It passed Prime 95 for 9 hours no errors.
    Do I now need to to Memtest86 and if so for how long?
    I have not OCed the RAM.
    Its running at 800hmz which is stock and the FSB is 333.
    So is a memory test a must do or can I say its stable without?
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