Should keep Windows XP or swtich to windows 7 I am a gamer

okay so i am gamer and i have a decent rig. Right now i have windows xp and its pretty good and fast but i have heard taht windows gives you more FPS in some games then xp and i have a directx 10.1 card if that matters. but should keep xo or switch over to windows 7?
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  1. If you want both, dual partition the harddrive, and install xp FIRST on one partition, then install Win7 on the other partition. Then try them both. Use the one you like, and have the other if you want that one too.
  2. You should definitely switch to Windows 7, you're missing the extra effects that DX10 and Dx11 has to offer, though your card may run Dx10 but Win xp only plays Dx9. But before you make the switch check this site out for you to know if your pc meets the requirement for Windows 7 upgrade:
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