CPU fan keeps shutting off!

Abit IP35 pro XE
xigmatek S1283
Intel Q6600
Vista home premium 64

I built this about 2 months ago now and it has been running fine. Then just today the CPU fan shut off on me, followed by my pc shutting down (safety feature i assume?).
So i rebooted and the fan was running for a moment but as soon as it starts booting the OS it stops.
I tried resetting the bios, i used the external switch the ip35 pro has, restartd, which sends you straight into the bios to adjust settings (which i didnt) while i was in the bios setup the cpu fan was running. so i saved and exited to reboot... cpu fan ran for a moment then stopped

i get into windows for just about a minute before it automatically shuts down.

any ideas?
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  1. Well, you have a few options to explore.
    If you haven't already, you should look for a BIOS option that allows you to turn off automatic cpu fan control. That should have the fan running at 100% all the time, if noise is an issue, you can try throttling the fan speed with speedfan in windows.

    If for some reason that does not fix your problem, it could be possible that the motherboard is not supplying power to the cpu fan header correctly. To correct that you can try using the 3pin to 4pin adapter xigmatek provides with the cooler to connect the fan directly to one of your PSU's molex connectors.

    If the fan is still turning off after that, then it's probably failing and you should see about RMAing it.
  2. What PSU do you have? You left that info out.
    CPU fans by design will start, stop, speed up and slow down.
    If you PSU is a cheap one, try a different one.
    Check the voltages in bios, set the bios to it's default settings.
    Is the fan in the PSU running?
  3. thanks for the tips, my psu is a corsair 550 watt
    ill prob do what your saying and connect the fan straight to the psu for now
    is there any reason to think the mother board is faulty? im hoping its just a bios issue that can be fixed with the right update
  4. I have the exact same issue with my HP Desktop PC. When you turn it on it will stay on as long as u want in the bios or just sitting there asking you to enter bios or something, but as soon as you try to install windows or enter windows and wait like 1 minute or less the CPU fan will shut off, and the power light turns an amber color. I have tried to put in other sticks of RAM and it stays on for a little bit longer, but not much. I have tried to change the CPU fan also, but it does the same thing. I have tried to reset bios, but still the same results. I have tried to run the HDD and CD-ROM on a different power supply, but the same results. I have not tried to run the whole PC on a different power supply, or try a different CPU. Maybe you could try this and reply back saying if it worked. I have tried different Hard Drives also, nothing i do works. 1 thing that i did find though that sort of helps is if you put in a different RAM, it makes it a bit better, and if you try to hook up the Hard drive differently. Try a different PSU though.
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