If screen max resoultion is 1440 x 900

is it worth it to sli or crossfire?

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  1. It would be worth it it to me, but it might not be worth it to you.
  2. I'd like to know what the best gpu or multi-gpu route is for this resolution, also. Right now I have the HD4850, but would like to hear what other people are running with @ 1440x900.
  3. I have two 19" 1440x900 Monitors running off a 3850. I've had no troubles what so ever. I do alot of gamin too, TF2, CSS, and others. I"m curious as to what you're doing that your card is not enough. I've always understood SLi/Crossfire is unnecessary unless you're rocking out the most powerful card already or have higher resolutions.
  4. SLI and CF generally are not worth it at 1440x900, I'm sure your 4850 can handle the resolution.
  5. Yea, at that resolution the gains from multi-GPU are slim to none, there is just not enough display real estate to stress a single card. Your 4850 will be more than enough until you upgrade to a larger monitor.

    The general rule as I understand it is 1600x1200 or 1680x1050 and up to see significant gains from multi-GPU setups.
  6. It might be worth it, if you really must play crysis at the highest settings (including AA). Personally, I see no point in AA beyond 8x (at 1280X1024 and up) , and 4x leaves me quit happy. Personally, I would never consider SLI or Xfire due to the diminished gains, increased noise and heat and price, and generally lack of need - at standard resolutions like yours.
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