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I bought a new 500g seagate hard drive last winter and recently it has disappeared. My computer is not recognizing it is there and when i boot up, it says NTLDR is missing press Ctrl+Alt+Delet to restart your computer. I also have an older 120g hard drive running windows 7 beta on it that is recognized by the computer but i still got the NTLDR is missing message. I was given no warning that the hard drive might crash or the likes. It may also be something with the data cable, power supply or even the motherboard ( only 3 years old) but i really have no idea.
If someone knows how to fix this or any ideas i would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you
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  1. 3 years isn't "only" in the hardware world, but in any case, it's probable that you have a defective hard disk. Are you able to try using it on another computer?
  2. Google "NTLDR missing". It's a very common problem with many causes.
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