M3N78 PROblem

Alright, laughless puns aside, I need som help. I have a M3N78 PRO mobo and literally right in half-way of building my computer, I run into a major problem with my IDE.

First off, this motherboard has two IDE slots. One left blank, though the instruction manual says to connect my devices to it. Another slot is designated "Floppy" (It's both labeled 'Floppy" on the mobo and in the manual). Now, I have two hard drives and a DVD-RW. I can fit the Hard drives onto the primary IDE, but now I have no clue where I set up my DVD-RW. I'm guessing I could set it up in the Floppy IDE, though I'm unsure if it would work, nor if it did, whether I should use a Ribbon cord meant for a Floppy drive or for a Hard drive for the DVD-RW.

If anyone has some advice or a solution, I would deeply appreciate it. I seriously need a miracle-worker before I end up frying this new rig. :sweat:
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  1. first of all, the floppy connector should be too short for a standard ide cable, its meant for floppy drives only, which use a smaller cable. other than that, most motherboards have moved in favor of sata really and most new hard drives and disk drives you buy today will be sata.

    so you do have a couple choices here; if you look at the bottom right hand corner of your motherboard, right above the ide port, there should be 4 red short ports. those are sata and thats what you would connect your sata hard drives to if you had them. so thats an option there, go out and buy some new sata hard drives, theyre usually pretty cheap these days, and will probably last you a long time. then just connect your dvd drive to the ide port.

    other than that, is you need to find some kind of ide pci card. might be kinda hard to come across a cheap one because a lot of them are designed to be ide/raid cards, but you would be able to connect at least 2 or 4 other ide devices on the card, and still have your motherboard ide connection available.

    anyway, theres gotta be money spent somewhere on this, i would recommend that you put the money towards a new hard drive with sata, theyre getting to be like 70-80 bucks for 500gigs now, and would probably save you some hassle with installing an os when you get around to it.

    good luck
  2. Thanks for the input, but I'm really looking for a quick fix here without spending any more money.

    Is it possible I can use one hard drive as a primary, and the DVD-RW as a slave on the one IDE slot?
  3. ya for sure, as long as theyre both plugged into something then you can use them. even after you install the os you can take the disk drive out and put the other hard drive in.

    just make sure the computer is turned off before you start plugging anything in or out.
  4. Do you know if your hard drive is a sata hard drive or and ide hard drive, if its not a sata hard drive i suggest that you return it if you can and get a sata i ran into this problom 9 months ago having an older ide hard drive, i went back and returned it for a sata hard drive for a few dollars more.Most everything is sata these days.
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