ECS P4VMM2 need help with jumper

I have this mobo ECS P4VMM2 which I\m trying to run DDR RAM on, but in order to do this I need to shorten some pins. please see page 12 in the manual.. I can't figure out how to shorten these pins. Do I need to connect all of them to each other or just two of them.. like A and A, B and B and so on or how does it work?

any help apreciated.

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  1. It IS confusing in that manual. I would just short (not "shorten") each pair of pins, installing a jumper on each pair. Looking at the diagrams in the manual, that could mean 10 jumpers per connector, with 8 connectors, meaning 80 total jumpers!
  2. its a pain, but it looks like you have to short ALL the jumpers with jumper caps(looks like they are the ones next to one another, can you take a close up picture of it?) to use DDR and open ALL(remove the caps and hang on to them or just place then on 1 pin and let them hang over not touching anything else)

    There is also another jumper to change the memory voltage for the kind of ram you use.

    What a pain.
  3. I guess there is nothing to do but give it a try...

    Thanks for your help
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