9600 gt cost

whats the cost in indian rupees
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  1. You'd have to look to a local vendor, or list which country you want to buy it from. Local hardware and software prices can varry quite a bit. The answer is "it depends". I you just want a simple but probably not accurate number...

    3101.0 rupees for the cheaper 9600gt at www.newegg.com

    For the price though you can get a much faster card now, unless you get a used 9600gt, but then the price would be even more locality based.
  2. Prices varies from country to country. It is influenced by the strength of your currency, import taxes and bulk shipping cost from the originating country to the destination country.

    A HD 5670 in the US sells for around $85 online. However, companies importing the HD 5670 to India will have to pay import tax plus the freight cost to transport the HD 5670 from the nearest "global warehouse". For the importing company to make a profit, it might sell the HD 5670 for the equivalent of $115 USD in Indian Rupees.
  3. A 9600GT in the US probably costs about $75 now. I believe I paid around $160 when they first came out.
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