First time overclocking Phenom II 720

Hey guys, this is my first time overclocking a processor, I have overclocked video cards before but never a processor.

I want to use the program that came with my motherboard, it's called Asrock OC tuner.

My CPU idle temp is 36C to 40C.

My Cpu cooler is XIGMATEK HDT-S963 92mm Rifle CPU Cooler
My motherboard is Asrock A780GXE.
My processor is Phenom II 720 2.8 ghz black edition.
My ram is 4GB DDR2 1066
My power supply is 750W

These are my options in the Asrock overclock tuner.

FSB: 200 mhz

CPU multiplier: 14.0

PCI-X16: 100 mhz

HT link ratio: x10

I haven't changed any options yet, and I want to know exactly what to do step by step because i am a NoOb at this, If I have to use the bios then that's fine.

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  1. Bump (some one respond please, im getting desperate and might fry somthing! lol =D)

    If I just wanted to OC it to 3.2 ghz, what would I need to do? am I safe to just increase the FSB and multiplier a little bit? and by how much should I do it?
  2. Just increase the multiplier to 16 for your 3.2ghz OC. Most reports that stock voltage can go up to 3.4-3.6ghz range for 720BE.
  3. your idle temp is 36c??? really? I have a phII 720 at stock speed 2.8 on an AM3 asus board with 4 gbs of gskill DDR3 1333 RAM and my idle temp is 24 with a stock HSF. so I think 36 idle is a little high for a aftermarket HSF. But I would just go to the bios and up the mutli. up .5 and run prime95 and if its good than up it again to get 3.2ghz. I find that AMD overdrive is great for checking your temps and RAM timing and other stuff.

    Good Luck
  4. Ok I am just going to up the multiplier from 14 to 16 and run prime 95 over night.

    These are my temps from everest under load from prime 95 (it's running right now)

    CPU 49 C

    CPU #1 35C
    CPU #2 35C
    CPU #3 35C
  5. Ok, I ran prime 95 over night (but I was overclocking through asrock oc tuner) and I had it at 3.2 ghz, all I changed was multiplier to 16.

    Prime 95 ran 11 hours with no errors, although when I went to control panel then system it only showed 2.8 ghz, but if I checked it with cpu-z it showed 3.2 ghz, and same thing with everest, 3.2 ghz.

    So finally, I disabled the OC from asrock oc tuner and did it through the bios, I had trouble figuring out the NB voltage but finally I found out it should be 1.2v, so all's fine now, about to run crysis and see if there's any FPS improvement
  6. HOLY $*&@!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    before I oc I ran crysis benchmark test and minimum fps was 4, average was 27.5, and max was 40.

    now it's minimum 19, average 39, and max 60! HOLY POTATO WEDGES!
  7. Grats on a nice OC! Think you bit by the OC bug.
  8. as for that crysis bench, what GPU were you using?
  9. Two 4830's in crossfire, but I was wrong about my FPS in the last post.

    My average went only from 27.5 to 32 some thing, and my max went from 40 to like 45, but the cool thing is my minimum still went from 4 to 19.
  10. heh, what settings? High or Very High? Resolution? be a bit more specific.
  11. Oh sorry, all you asked for was the videocards.

    All settings on high (don't have vista) 4X AA, 1600 by 1200 (max resolution)
  12. Hey if you have ACC option on that board and want to see if you can unlock the 4th core Enable ACC to auto. I heard Asrocks boards did not change the BIOS yet to lock out the 4th core enable trick. Make sure it's at 2.8GHz before you try it becuase you may need voltage if you enable ACC at 3.2GHz.
  13. how much voltage would i need for that?
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