The disk in drive d is not formatted

"The disk in drive d is not formatted.
Do you want to format it now?"
an when i click "yes" says
"the disk in drive D cannot be formatted"

the properties of D drive are as follows
Type: Local disk
File system: RAW
Used space: 0 bytes
Free space: 0 bytes

No information in Disk management......

I have tried all test disk , recovery tools, seatools, etc.
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  1. Try Parted magic , download the image and burn it onto a cd or something, then boot the computer with this live cd. If drive can be formatted/partitioned it's good, otherwise, there is a small chance that the drive is faulty, however, before coming to this conclusion check the connecting cables/connectors/or connect it to a different computer....
  2. Delete the volume, then create a new volume and format under disk management.
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