Motherboard wont save settings

I have a gigabyte micro atx and overclock my 9300 to 3.1 gigz. I obviously save the settings in the bios and when i start up it is properly overclocked. But whenever i restart again the bios resets the overclock.

Im having the same problem for date / time. It displays january 1st '06 and whenever i change it, it gets reset on a restart.

Im saving the settings but it gets reset on a restart. Any 1 know what i can do so the settings are actually saved?
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  1. Try resetting the CMOS jumper. Instructions are in the MB manual. Be sure to unplug the system and remove the battery when you reset the CMOS jumper. If that doesn't solve it, flash the BIOS to the latest version available.
  2. Check the CMOS battery it may be dead. If it is dead the bios and clock will reset every time the computer is restarted.
  3. i agree with zanathon. the most likely cause for a motherboard to not store settings would be because the battery is dead. badge also touched upon the other possibility. make sure that the jumper is actually set correctly. it may be set in such a way so that the motherboard isn't storing settings.
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