WD Caviar Black 1TB VS Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB?

Hi all,

The title speaks for itself. Please tell me which one will perform better, considering that it will be used as a main drive (in 2 partitions). 1 Partition for OS, Apps and Games, the other one for movies and junk.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I'd keep things one disk, one partition. So get two 500GB drives if you insist on the division. I'd also say get the WD, but I'm biased for the manufacturer.
  2. @r_manic, i thought it would be better if I had 2 hdds, but if I get 2x500GB it will be approx £25 more than a single 1TB hdd. Is it really worth it? :??:
  3. Quote:
    I would never, ever buy a Samsung HDD.

    please support your argument! i have had the hd501lj spinpoint t for a year and it has been a solid performer -- better than brands with greater reputation (whose names i will refrain from mentioning.) so why do say this? and what hdd's do you recommemnd -- and why?
  4. Confirmed, I've been pleased with all Samsung I had. But my only WD (from the same era as the Samsungs) was much slower and noisier and this one went broken.

    However, I've only had about 20 disks, which is too few for reliability statistics.


    Several volumes per disk do have advantages, yes. Organize it as you like, it's more a matter of taste.

    Absolutely no reason to take two smaller disks. This adds worries. Have a separate disk for backups, that's all.
  5. I have the 500 gig samsung & the 640 WD black. The Samsung is faster at read write transfer rates.
  6. I have the 640GB WD Black and all i can say is that it performs much better than a 5400rpm HDD and is pretty quiet. I'm thinking about getting the samsung F3 1tb HDD for a media pc, but will probably get a green model, despite them being more expensive
  7. The Samsung F3 is an excellent reliable drive. I have 4 of these, two in my personal computer, one in my HTPC, and one in my external enclosure. Two 2Tb F4's in my Nas have been doing great also.

    WD warranty process is hard to beat though. Should my samsungs have an issue I highly doubt the process will be nearly as smooth or as fast.
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