ATI Radeon X1650XT Underclocked?

Hi all, somethings up with my new AGP HIS X1650XT card, the engine clock is supposed to be @ 600Mhz and the mem clock is supposed to run @ 1.46Ghz. However, the engine is showing as 594Mhz and the mem is 729Mhz. I have the 4 pin power connector plugged in, so theres no problem there, what else could be holding me back? The AGP Bus? My motherboard is a Gigabyte, GA-K8VM800M Rev. 1.0, Socket 754 (I know, really outdated and not in production any more.) Which is why I think it's my bus holding me back. Thanks, -Tom C

Edit: I forgot, 450 watt Okia power supply

Heres a snapshot:
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  1. Noob question, lol. The Core clock is just fine, and remember the memory is Double Data Rate (DDR). 729mhz x2 = 1.458ghz.
  2. Thanks for calling me a N00b, notice I didn't type noob! And yeah, the DDR part slipped my mind.
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