no signal to monitor after installing new gpu mobo problem need help

i got a gateway 506gr and i said its time for new parts got me a 500W power supply more ram and 8600GT problem is after installing the gpu i get no signal to the monitor i know it has something to do with the stupid mobo but dont know what. i have researched alot but nothing helped :(

specs for 506gr:

plz help
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  1. is this PCI-E or an AGP card?
    And If you previous card works, then I doubt its the motherboard. Please let us know what the previous replaced parts were and the new ones. Give us full specs. It looks like either the memory is connected incorrectly, or the GPU is connected incorrectly. Check back with the specs.
  2. i have given a link of the full specs there has not been a video card before that its been working with onboard video and the new one is PCI-E. I cannot turn off on board video from BIOS still need help.
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