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I understand that with Nvidia's SLI technology, one cannot run two monitors while running SLI. If the two cards are in SLI mode, they can only run a single monitor. The SLI may be turned off, and the computer restarted, and then dual monitors can be enabled. This however, destroys the goal of SLI.

I am curious to know if this is true with Crossfire as well. Does Crossfire allow one to run two monitors off of two Crossfire'd graphics card?

Essentially, I want to purchase two Radeon HD 3870s and Crossfire them (because the 3870 X2 will be too expensive for my budget) and I want to Crossfire them, but I also want to be able to run dual monitors while gaming. Can I do this?
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  1. No. Neither solution allows the use of dual monitors.

    From what I've heard, CF handles it a bit better then SLI. When you load a game, it will break the dual monitors and enable CF. When your done, it will break CF, and load your dual screens back. Not a good solution if you need your second monitor up, but slightly better then SLI.
  2. Crossfire can do two (only two afaik) monitors at a time with crossfire enabled. It was added awhile ago (catalyst 8.3 i think?). 4745454b is clueless.
    And what would an answer be without a link? -- and --
  3. Not clueless, just a few months behind on drivers....
  4. Unfortunately even with the latest drivers 10-7 Crossfire and dual monitor is not possible. With two monitors attached the crossfire option is grayed out. With an enable crossfire it is not possible to setup two monitors. So in a word: cannotbedone.

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