Pc/tv monitor?

I would like to know what is the best 24" monitor for gaming, and what is the advantage of having a tv monitor., or not. thanks
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    Because I work for a monitor manufacturer, I will take a pass on that part of your question.

    As for the monitor v. TV question, typically monitors will have a lot more flexibility. TVs generally have less in the way of resolution support, the response rate is typically higher, and then there are other little things that can prove annoying. If your computer shuts the display off on a TV, it turns the TV off and you have to turn it back on, not just move the mouse like a monitor.

    TVs work well as monitors if you have a fixed, limited function, computer. A Home Theater PC is a prime example. Odds are the TV will only be on as long as the computer is on, you won't have it going into power save mode, and response rate isn't as crucial as with gaming.
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