My, not yet.

Well, that about sums up my day. I eagerly wait for my 4850. It arrives. I start installing it and I hit the first snag. The front plate is misshapen and doesn't fit. After a little work, I get it in. I take it up and fire it up. It runs great for about 4 seconds, and right at the point it beeps and posts, it turns off. Until I remove the card and replace it with my old 6800GT, it won't run for more than a millisecond. So much for MSI quality control. Good thing Newegg is pretty good about this stuff. I'm just glad that it didn't fry anything else. Oh well, I guess it is only one more week of waiting :cry:

So, I hope everyone else who bought a 4850/280 or is buying a 4870/260 has better luck than I did. This is my first DOA part though, so I guess I am fortunate, though I don't feel that way right now :(
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  1. ROFL... ouch... :D

    Not that it helps, but this has nothing to do with MSI quality control. At this stage, distributers don't do quality control, but rather depend on qc in house at site of assembly. They just put on a sticker. If you change a brand, there's a chance it'll turn out to be the same. :kaola:
  2. Dang, that sucks. You have a really good attitude about it though.
  3. Yeah, I guess these are all reference cards. I'm not switching brands, I know this was just bad luck. I'm sending it back to Newegg for replacement tomorrow morning and hopefully will have a new card by the end of the week.
  4. maybe you were using the same 1KW PSU as Anand that can't handle the 4850? :whistle:
  5. ^I don't usually write posts like this, but LOL!
  6. I had similar issues with my card. And I bought 2. Since I don't have a crossfire board yet, I tested each individually. Both would not POST. Got it up and running after updating the BIOS though, you should try it if you haven't.
  7. My motherboard is fairly old and I doubt Asus has put out any updates recently. Are you saying that with a single 4850 it wouldn't post or with both at the same time it wouldn't post until a BIOS update. I have other, newer systems (even a PCI-E 2.0) but I don't want to test this in them because I am worried it could damage them. Oh, and I'm not running crossfire and my power supply can even run a 2900XT (sort of) so it is not the issue).
  8. Oh, I reread your post. That is what you are saying. What exactly happened when it would not post?
  9. JAYDEEJOHN said:

    Update? Isn't that the original bios uploaded by people? :p

    Besides, it'd be hard to flash bios with the computer restarting.
  10. You can do it thru gpu-z
  11. I assumed he meant Motherboard BIOS, for which I have the most recent (which isn't saying much). At any rate, a 6800GT and 2900XT both work fine in this board, so a 4850 should too. It could be the VGA BIOS, but as Dagger points out the thing won't work any more.

    Let me explain this more fully. When I first started it, it ran for about 3 seconds before post. In this state it is in low power mode. The card is at a fraction of running power and the fans are slow. The instant it was to go to full power, it shutoff, not restarted. And until I turned off or unplagged the PS, the power switch did nothing. This makes me think the card is now shorting out the power supply. After I reset the power supply, it will turn on for a millisecond before cutting out again. And again, if I press the on button before resetting the PS, nothing happens. I guess they just cross wired my card. I'm surprised it didn't fry my board (a 6800GT still posts fine).
  12. gotcha, sorry, I was confuzzled
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