Problems with Windows Update and Win32 help needed

I'm having problems with my home built desktop. One problem is that I am not able to go onto the windows update page on IE or FF. The other problem is that I'm constantly getting the error "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services encountered a problem and needed to close", after that problem my computer reverts back to the Windows Classic theme and then I'm unable to change back to the Windows XP theme, it also causes me to lose audio. I have tried Malwarebytes and CCleaner but still they have done nothing to solve these two problems.

CPU:Athlon x2 7850
GPU:HIS 5700 1GB
HD:Seagate 1TB
PSU:XION 630 - 630W
OS:Windows XP Pro SP3
Case:Xion Solaris
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    You may have to do a repair install of XP. Afterward, you'll need to visit the windows update site to download and install the critical updates. Michael Stevens has an excellent tutorial here.
  2. Is there any other way to fix this problem without having me lose all of my files and programs on my HD, because I have filled up my HD with my work and right now i can not buy a new 1TB HD to back up all of my files.
  3. Repair installs do not re-format or otherwise lose your data. It basically restores XP to its original state, which is why you have to visit Windows update and reinstall all the critical updates. Please read Michael Stevens' page - he has complete explanation.
  4. It says, "It is extremely important that you backup important data that is not available from other media sources. This backup should be located on a separate hard drive, CD, DVD, network storage, etc. that will not be affected by the repair install. ", so I thought that I need to back up the my data.
  5. Your personal files and applications will not be affected by a repair install. All it does, is reinstall all of the system files, including MS updates. This is why treefrog07 mentioned that you'll need to re-download all updates.
  6. OK I have finally got some spare time to try the repair, I will try in the afternoon. After I am done with that I will come back and notify if it worked for me, and thank you for all your help guys :)
  7. Here's a good guide for the windows repair.

    Good luck. :)
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