E8500 problem

Hello people!
I have a question to ask regarding overclocking the E8500.
My specs are:

psu - Blue Storm 400W
mbo - DFI LanParty X48 DARK
ram - DDRII Mushkin Red Line 1000MHz
and the E8500 which currently runs on 3.16GHz :D

I just wanted to try a bit of clocking so i changed the FSB from 333 to 348,saved and restarted.Vista loaded successfully first time and i ran Prime95 for 2 hours.Then i stopped it and it reported no errors and no warnings.The problem occurs the next time i try to turn on the computer-post completes and the schrollbar runs a few times and a blue screen appears.It stays there for half a second and the computer restarts over and over.When i change the FSB value to 333 everything goes back to normal.
Any clues?
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  1. I'm most likely guessing that your running most of the bios settings on "Auto"..? If that's the case i suggest you read the guides posted on the forums to roughly get an idea of overclocking. :)
  2. Last night i realised that i don't have the adjust Vcore voltage option in my BIOS...
    I googled a bit and saw that few other people have the same issue with their LanParty x48 DARK.
    Does anyone have any idea what next?
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