New Rig. Big Problems.

Hey guys, I would like some help with a new rig that's been giving me a major headache almost as soon as I bought it.

Here's the specs:
Proc: C2Q Q6600 2.4Ghz
Mem: Kingmax 2x2GB DDR2 800Mhz
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP35
PSU: Epsilon 600w SLI ready
HDD: 2x250GB Maxtor SATA
Vid: Gigabyte 8800GT 512MB DDR3 GV-NX88T512HP (700/920/1715 core/memory/shader)
OS: Vista Ultimate 32bit OEM

Here's the problem (and I'll try to be as detailed as possible):

Assassin's Creed keeps crashing within five minutes of play time. It gives me an nvlddmkm error. Then a BSOD. A reboot brings me back to Windows. I can do

normal tasks with no problems, it's when I start 3D Apps when I get the crashes and BSOD.

With RivaTuner, I declocked my card to 600/900/1500 from my 700/920/1715 defaults. I get temps of 52C Idle, 63C during Assassins, 69C right before it throws

up artifacts and crashes.

A friend suggested I try his default GT clocks which were 400/450/1000. I did and Assassin's Creed worked flawlessly. Didn't crash or artifacted on me. But.

BUT. But when I paused the game to take a quick toilet break, I came back to a crashed game and the nvlddmkm error. I decided to restart.

I ran the mirosoft memory test in extended mode. It reported a problem with a hardware but didn't say which. Then BSOD.

I reboot the PC and here's what welcomed me:

White uniformed dots on POST screen. No dots on the BIOS screen. No dots after the BIOS screen. Dots on loading windows (at the green progress bar). Then


A restart lead me to the same situation.

Basically that's what's been keeping me up this past week. Trying to get my system to work nicely with me.

Any ideas as to what's going on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try your video card in your friend's system to eliminate the video card.

    Do you have the same problem with other graphics heavy games?

    Video drivers?

    A flaky PSU can can cause instability problems.
  2. I would try different drivers from nvidia. If the problem persists, try the card in your friends system or RMA it. It might be faulty.
  3. sounds like your graphics card is faulty.
  4. It can be 2 things: the video card or the pci-e slot.

    From the information you provided, the card is getting hot when being used. I have a 8800GT Superclocked, another hot card but I use Riva to raise my fan upon temperature reach. With that setup, my card never sees 60°. Keep in mind of the temperature of the room too.

    Try booting up windows in safe mode and updating the drivers, I don't believe it will fix the problem.
  5. If you are getting white dots in POST then it is not the driver, since the driver doesn't load until the OS loads. As said earlier, swap cards with your friend.
  6. I'm going to raise 1 more possibility. the PSU.

    Vid cards draw lots of power in 3d mode (games), and not much in 2D mode (other computer uses).
    the fact that a non-OC'd card was a little better sort of confirms this.

    I'd definatly try different driver, and your card in your friends machine first, just to get the easy tests out of the way.

    if its not the card or the PSU, its probaly your mobo
  7. Its probably the card. Are you overclocking the cpu by any chance? Maybe pcie wasn't locked at 100mhz?
  8. No I haven't overclocked anything, gpu or cpu. And the PCIe is on auto, defaulting it to 100mhz.

    Which of my part(s) of my system are the more likely culprit? And does the Microsoft Memory Test only test system memory, and not video memory? It did tell me that one of my components are failing, contact my computer manufacturer. But that's all I could get out of it. It didn't tell me which component.

    As of now, I'm running XP on the same system. So far, so good. I haven't tried running on 3D yet. I did try to run Assassin's Creed once and I had to restart. The game went all trippy like, psychedelic on the profile screen. I haven't tried again since.
  9. Hmm, also I'd like to add that back in Vista, everything game I tried to run would give me a nvlddmkm error. And the last time I tried to run WoW I got a "memory could not be read" error. Which memory was it referring to?
  10. Sure sounds like a video card problem. The best test is to put it in another system. Since it's a new card you should contact Gigabyte and explain the problem to them and they should offer you a quick return. The white dots you see on booting up tends to point the finger at the card, though an outside chance could be a bad or weak PSU. Contact Gigabyte.
  11. ^Or that extremely hot northbridge Intel uses :P

    Really it sounds like a GPU fault, see if your friend minds taking the time to use it in his machine.

    How long ago did you buy the parts/where did you buy them?
    Many PC shops have testing systems set up, if you bought it there, take the GPU with you and explain what has been happening.
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