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I am familiar with how RAID 1 basically works. I am thinking of setting up 2 1TB HDD in a RAID 1 setup. The HDD's will be used to store files(music,pics etc,). I have read many forums on setting up raid 1 on a HDD with an OS but none with setting it up on a non-OS drive. I will be using the MOBO controllers to set it up, do I need to install drivers to the non-OS drives? Also, if one drive fails is it as easy as installing a new drive in the raid setup? Will I lose any data when I replace a drive?
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  1. I've never been in a situation where I had to replace a RAID 1 member live, but RAID 1 is designed to allow this.
  2. Drive re-build function depend on the raid controler, if it a disk fails and you replace with a blank one, most controlers will allow you to rebuild the disk stopping any dataloss.

    Most mobos function with raid on or off not a combo of the 2 - you will probably end up having a "RAID" of just 1 disk for the OS ( i know it sounds odd) and another RAID for the real RAID disks. This will need to be setup before the OS install (again for most Mobos)
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