Ok this is seriously urgent, for the past few months i get about 25 blue screens a day, seriously...

Some of the blue screens include the errors...

IRQL not less or equal
page fault in non paged area
bad pool caller

The most common one i get is the paged fault one, i also get one which has no error what so ever.

These blue screens happen extremely randomly, sometimes 5 mins after i boot up, sometimes when im playing games, sometimes when its left on doing nothing. There is no pattern what so ever.

My computer had no viruses, its not over heating, not overclocked, i have scanned it with loads of registry cleaners ect. NOTHING.

All my drivers are updated.

I think of myself as quite computer literate but because there is no pattern what so ever i cant figure this out.

8800gt SLI
4gb ram 800mhz

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  1. Download Memtest86+, burn it onto a cd, boot up from the cd, and let it run for a few hours. If it passes without errors, thie eliminates faulty ram as an option.
  2. If irkjab's suggestion eliminates faulty memory, try booting up in safe mode/Ubuntu live CD and see if it still crashes. If it does, try removing one of your 8800GT's and see if that yields anything.
  3. I agree with g3force to check your video cards, I haven't seen a DXGkernel BSOD before, but it looks like it might refer to DirectX Graphics, I wasn't aware of a kernel used for that but one thing to also check is to see if for some reason you might be exceeding the wattage of your power supply. There is a nice website that you can check the watt usage of your system and and the output of your powersupply based on rating and age here . You might be surprised. Researching the DXGkernel BSOD other websites state that you need to update your Direct X version as there is some sort of conflict(?) between the video card drivers and the version of Direct X. Try updating to the latest revision of Direct X for your operating system, go to Microsoft's website.
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