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After many times last week removing viruses from my computer, I am dual booting both windows xp and windows 7. I primarily right now use windows xp, I lost the ability to get into windows xp, when at the dual boot screen I click on windows xp but I just get a black screen with no cursor, I cannot get into safe mode either. My google chrome stopped working and could not connetc to any websites. Windows 7 was working perfectly. I have scanned from within windows xp and from windows 7 to find as many viruses and trojans as possible. Last night trojan remover told me my ftdisk.sys was infected with win32/patched.dx. I moved it into the virus vault knowing it was an important system file as I did not think I had a choice. I then extracted the original ftdisk.sys from the xp cd and replaced it, I know that service packs can modify original files and I hoped the original file was the same as the infected one. That did not have an effect. I used recovery console to run fixmbr and no effect. I then ran fixboot.exe and chkdsk /r and next thing I know I do not get a boot screen at all.

Please help me as I cannot get into either windows now. Would fixboot.exe or chkdsk remove my boot screen?

thank you
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  1. Boot to your W7 installation media to REPAIR W7. After that, boot to W7, run msconfig, and got the Startup tab (I think). If it's not there, go to the tab with the bootloader, and make sure XP is one of the selections (you can choose the order here, too).
  2. The file you need is boot.ini in the OS Drive.
  3. nbaztec said:
    The file you need is boot.ini in the OS Drive.

    How do I get the boot.ini file onto my computer if I cannot get into either os and there is no boot screen. Once the computer posts I just have a black screen. I cannot locate my windows 7 disk but I do have my windows xp disk.

    Which drive would have the boot.ini, my c drive with windows xp or my other drive with windows 7.

    please help, I would greatly appreciate it. I cannot afford to format as I have too much information that I cannot lose.

    I cannot get into my computer which is very frustrating.

    Again I replaced the ftdisk.sys file with the original one, I tried fixmbr, fixboot. nothing has worked.

    thanks so much
  4. nbaztec said:
    The file you need is boot.ini in the OS Drive.

    should I try bootcfg /rebuild. would that possibly work from the windows xp disc?

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