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I'm building a new gaming rig. Please look over the guts and tell me what you think. Any glaring issues?

** UPDATE **
Thanks for all of your input. I've changed the mobo, ram and removed 1 vid card.
** UPDATE **

Here's the whole build:

Here are the main, vital components:
OS: VISTA 64bit
Power Supply: COOLER MASTER 650W
Motherboard: ABIT IP35 Pro LGA 775 Intel P35
CPU: Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.00GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) OCZ
Video Cards: MSI OC GeForce 8800GTS 512MB
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  1. it looks nice, two things, maybe get ddr2 800 ram instead of 1066 unless you really plan to overclock hard, second get a sata dvd drive they are easier to manage
  2. Bad Bad idea.

    Do not SLI right now, you are just asking to get your money burned. The new 2xx series cards that will be out by July are rumored to beat your SLI setup with 1 card.

    nVidia's Intel chipsets are quite buggy and I would use a much better Intel setup instead.

    Unless you are using a monitor with a resolution of over 1920x1200 you do not need SLI anyway.
  3. dont get a 750i mobo. as i understand they do not support full sli. i would get ether the 780i or the 680i.

    also for 20$ more you can get the antec 300 case that has a lot nicer fans in it.
  4. Right now, I'm inclined to suggest against your SLI idea.
    Hold off on that until the newest generations of video cards come out. The rumors might be fluff, they might be not. We don't know yet.
  5. Thanks for all of the advice!!

    I don't think I want to spend the approx $450 on one of the new nVidia cards.....unless they come out soon (like available to ship to me in the next 2 weeks).

    ILOVEBARNEY, can u link that case? I couldn't find it.
  6. They won't be $450. They will be in the 250-300 range (rumored)
  7. $250-$300?
    Then they'd have to sell the 9800 models for $175-$200 and the 8800 models for $100-$150. I don't think they're gonna do that.

    I have no basis in fact for my assumption, and I hope you're right.

    Did you read somewhere of the price range for the GT200 and GTX280? (I think I got the models correct)


    I found the thread where the price I thought came from:,7819.html

    "...the prices of the two new cards. Apparently, the previous rumor of $600 wasn't enough, because the slide says $649 for the GTX 280 and $449 for the GTX 260."

    *Edited AGAIN*

    "According to info by our friends over at The Inquirer NVIDIA leaked info on their upcoming NextGen Geforce series.
    So what we knew for a long time now still stands. The 2 new cores will be the GTX280 and the GTX260.

    The GTX280 will have 240 stream processors aCore clock of 602MHz, a Stream Processors clock of 1296MHz and a memory clock of 1107MHz ( 2200MHz ). The memory used will be 1GB GDDR3 at 512b width. Finally the 280 has 32ROPs and feeds them with a six and eight-pin PCIe connectors.
    The GTX260 is basically the same but with 192 SPs a Core Clock of 576MHz a Stream Processors clock of 1296MHz and a memory clock of 999MHz ( 2000MHz ). This time the memory used will be 896MBs GDDR3 at 448b width and thus it gets 24 ROPs.

    Finally according to The Inquirer The 260 will be priced at $449 while its Big Brother the GTX280 will cost at around $600."
  8. I will take your word for it then. We will see. :)
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