E6850+P5Q @ 3.78 feedback + help needed.

Here are my OC result for the momment.

P5Q (FSB @ 420)
E6850 @ 3.78 (25-26c idle, 47-50c load) WCed+Lapped
4G Pi-Black 4-4-4-12 @ 840mhz
CM-690 with PC P&C 750W

Vcore : 1.468 bios
NB : 1.46

Rest on AUTO. This is after only 3-4 hour of tweaking.

My goal is 4.0 ... dont know if ill make it but its my goal ! P45 seems to be able to take MUCH higher FSB but i might be CPU limited .. dont know if this CPU can take it. Buy this P45 5 days ago ... dont really know this bios that much, its different from my NForce bios.

SM 2.0 Score ...... : 7697
SM 3.0 Score ...... : 8534
CPU Score .......... : 3386
3DMark06 Score . : 16775

Didnt tryed games yet. ( not installed any loll )

Ill be back with Crysis, GTA4 and COD result.

Any help to reach 4.0 is appreciated. THX alot !
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  1. Stable 3.825 ... cant go higher NM the Vcore i use. I can boot over 4.0 but its not stable, crash as soon as i load the CPU.

    CPU : 1.46
    NB : 1.4

    Nm the other V. Its stable. Tryed rising all the other V but the CPU cant take it....

    3.825 is not bad at all ;)

    If anyone have a Clue, you can help me !
  2. @ 1680x1050

    COD4 MAXED : 90-100 fps avg

    GTA 4 :
    AVG fps : 54.38
    Everything HIGH

    Those are the settings by default. Didnt tryed better quality yet.
  3. No more matter about this E6850, i just ordered a Q9550 at NCIX (canada) for 299.99$ :D
  4. Props on a good OC.
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