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I need the names of different hardware or software to design two computer configurations here is what i am trying to first computer that i decided to get is a computer assemble but i am confuse on which hardware or software to buy and all of the peripherals. so here is what i want the first computer to do, basically all of these tasks:
1.create presentations
2.prepare documents multimedia games
4.listen to music and view movies with friends and relatives online
6. store photographs
7.browse the internet and send and receive e-mail using telephone line.
I also have additional requirements but want to know if i can get an cost estimate for the second computer here is my additional requirements:
1. I want it where there is no cluttering of cables on the desk
2. The monitor should produce high-quality images and not cause my eyes to strain
3. The speakers should produce stereo sound for better audio quality
4. the keyboard and mouse should be convenient to use.
5. the computers performance should not deteriorate while view online video clips or listens to audio clips
6. the computer should not stop responding while playing games on it
7. should be able to play online games on the computer
8. should be able to upgrade the computer if required.[/#ff7100]
so basically if i can get everything that i need, the names of the parts from the motherboards to the system case that i can buy it will be very helpful, it will be hard enough just to assemble everything, but i am trying to find the parts that i need that will do everything in both computers that i want, and shopping for parts is the hard part, once i get the parts then putting it together will not be bad.

I hope that you all can help, or give me names of motherboards that can have all of the requirements listed
video cards, memory, fan everything basically for a well built computer. :hello:
my budget from $3000 and up
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  1. no budget no help
  2. ^what he said

    Budget. How much are you willing to spend?

    Oh and a nice PC for under $1K can easily accomodate all of these requirements.
  3. do you have any ideas i sure can use them
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