New mid to high-end build!

OK I've already put a bit of thought into this badboy. To me, this is a great price for a rig of this power, and I thought I would be spending a bit more, so I'm quite happy, and even considering tossing in a WD Raptor to match the one I already have for RAID 0ing two Raptors, but we will see.

CPU - Intel Core 2 E8400 - $195

GPU - eVGA 9800 GTX G92 - $300

Motherboard - eVGA 750i SLI FTW - $190

Memory - CORSAIR XMS2 DHX 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Retail - $109

PSU - PC Power & Cooling S75QB EPS12V 750W Power Supply - $140.00

Case - Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003SWA Silver ATX Full Tower Computer Case w/ 25CM Fan Retail - $200

Monitor - BenQ FP241W - $554

Total including monitor (not including any HDDs):

What do you guys think? I think I can rationalize everything on this list. :)
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  1. It looks good and I think the only recommendations you receive will be personal preference. With that said, you can pick up a 2 x 2 set of OCZ Reaper 1066 ram for the same price and it might be worth it to take a look at the Antec 1200 case. The 900 (mid) receives rave reviews and the 1200 is supposed to be better and bigger.

    regardless of what you decide you will have a very nice set up.
  2. Looks quite good. Be sure to check the 750i video corruption issues have been solved.

    I would avoid the 9800GTX right now. If you really can't wait until the GTX 280/260 are released on the 18th the 8800GTS is just about the same card and costs alot less.

    The PSU is cheaper here (the red one for $110 after MIR):

    Good luck.
  3. If you are buying today, looks good.

    If possible wait for the new Vid cards, at worst youll get your 9800GTX cheaper. The 280's are looking pretty good....
  4. Ahhhh now I have to wait to see what these GTX280 moboppers can do, LOL.

    Good point grieve.

    I don't understand that PSU...why are the prices all over the place on that one VS the regular one? Any clue?
  5. It's red. Crossfire edition. Noone buys it so it has to be cheap to sell stock. :)
    Aside from that they are all the same (blue/black/red) I think.
  6. if you buy soon i would go with the 8800 gts 512. its the same as the 9800gtx just a little slower. and i would look at the 610 psu from pc power and cooling. its only 109 from newegg and it will run your system just fine.
  7. If you're not planning on adding a 2nd video card I'd ditch the 750i board for an X38 or P35 board. Intel chipsets are generally more stable and overclock better than Nvidia ones.

    I agree with the others who said to either wait for the new cards or get a 8800GTS (G92).
  8. Yes I am going to wait for the new's a matter of days. I'll probably be content figuring out weather I should buy that BenQ FP241W from or BenQ's E-Store...who offers a better dead pixel plan?

    I do actually hope that the new cards aren't that good...because if they are truely badass I should toss the nVidia chipset and go with an Intel one because like you've mentioned, and I've researched into over and over again, they are faster and sometimes more stable. If those cards are so nasty badass then I have no need to SLI and I have to pick out a new motherboard. More research!

    Andrius said:
    It's red. Crossfire edition. Noone buys it so it has to be cheap to sell stock. :)
    Aside from that they are all the same (blue/black/red) I think.

    OK cool, yea, I'll get the red one then! If they truely are the same...I'll have to do some spec. checking. Only thing I noticed is that red one doesn't say ATX anywhere...but it MUST be an ATX powersupply, right?
  9. It has a 20+4 main ATX connector. It also says ATX on it's product tour page. I don't think you have to worry about it. :)
  10. Crap missed that deal, they uppped the red one to $150. Same price as the black one now. QQ!
  11. The black model is $120 after MIR. The red one is $125 after MIR.

    Or you could buy this :
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