Raid 1 drive replacement

Im after some advice on replacing a drive on my Western Digital My Book mirrored drive.

It kindly informed me that the 'drive in slot A is degraded and needs to be replaced'.

I can replace it but i wondered if I need to be aware of anything when ordering a new drive in order that its compatible with the remaining working one...

It will obviously need to be another 500GB (its a 1TB RAID1) but can it be a different manufacturer other than WD?
Does the spec have to be exactly the same in terms of speed etc

Or does none of this long as its another 500GB.....

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  1. Is the drive still under warranty? If so send it back to get a new drive put in it (just make sure you copy all the data off first!) or get WD to send you a new drive.

    Given that its an external drive made by WD, if you're going to replace the drive yourself, I'd suggest making sure that you put the same drive back in, and make sure the drive is running the same firmware as well (avoid any issues) although it may work fine if its just an other WD drive (but don't quote me on it!).

    You said it is a 1TB RAID1 drive? If so you'll need a 1TB drive not 500GB. If it was 1TB RAID0 then a 500GB would be needed.

    Hope that is of some help to you
  2. Thanks very much....Ive actually ordered a new WD drive now so hopefully I should be up and running again soon
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