Should I buy another 8800 GTS 512?

The 9800Gx2 is still unbeatable so considering 2x 8800 GTS 512 = 1x9800 GX2 .Is this a good Idea?
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  1. If you already have 1, then yes get another one if you want to 2 GPU's.
    It should actually be as fast, or faster than a 9800GX2.
    That is what I plan on doing soon....SLI motherboard and another 8800GTS to go with the one I have.
  2. yeah that might be a good idea. I was thinking this as well. The GTX 260/280 isnt fast enough to justify the enormous cost. Also I hear AMD/ATI isnt in the high end market anymore? Dont quote me but if they aren't then there's pretty much no competition for nvidia and no immediate need to advance as quickly as they used to.
  3. how big is your monitor? u do realize that sli will benifit if u have 24+ inch lcd.
  4. I actually have 2 8800gts 512's in my system and i love them. They run really well with everything I've thrown at them but there are a few cases where SLI'ing them slows the system down. They really stand out with crysis though. I just got a quad core phenom and i can easily run crysis on the highest settings without AA and it runs a minimum of 30 fps. These cards are brilliant. Definitely get another especially since they currently are so cheap.
  5. My monitor is 1280x1024. But i know that Crysis will run faster with 2 cards than with 1 at this resolution.
  6. evongugg said:

    The GX2 beats the HD4870 IN EVERY game.
  7. yetyhunter said:
    The GX2 beats the HD4870 IN EVERY game.

    first of all stop hunting the yeti's they never did anything to you, so stop being such a crack-whore :lol:

    second of all, dude just grab another g92 core, and u will be all right, that is if your motherboard supports SLI, so obviously check with that first. [and that you are indeed upgrading to a bigger lcd monitor, like 22" or greater....]

    third the 8800gts 512 is more than enough for your machine, and you will not notice enormous gains at the level in which you are playing, its just too low of a res. [1280* G92 is more than enough]

    fourth if you have more money than sense than by all means grab another 8800gts 512, your gains won't be all that great mainly b/c SLI was never meant for lower resolutions, so by all means feed the beast, they will take your money regardless of whether or not it means any real value on your part... :non:

    If only people paid attention more often :pfff:
  8. My mobo supports SLi.I have an ASUS P5N-D wich has 2 PCI-e 2.0 at x16
  9. yetyhunter said:
    My mobo supports SLi.I have an ASUS P5N-D wich has 2 PCI-e 2.0 at x16

    so far so good, now your next statement is going to be somewhere along the lines of, yes frozengpu i will get a bigger monitor so I can play at higher resolutions, b/c thats what all the cool kids are doing now a days.

    but seriously 1680*1050 or higher is where SLI is worth it, not lower than that, possible at those odd res. like 1440*900 or 1368*768 or w/e but even those are just splitting hairs.
  10. Look at this The GX2 beating the single 8800 GTS by +20 FPS at 1280x1024 in Crysis
    And here SLi 8800 GTS beating GX2 at the same resolution.
  11. ^ +1

    You don't need high res to benefit from SLI, and in crysis DX10 very high + fsaa it can make a real difference at low res even.

    more links: The GX2 kicking but in crysis at 12x10:

    And even 10x7:
  12. So You don't need a 1920x1080 mnitor to see a huge improvement from 1 GTS to 2 GTS's.
  13. yetyhunter said:
    So You don't need a 1920x1080 mnitor to see a huge improvement from 1 GTS to 2 GTS's.

    No you don't. You need GPU limited settings though. If you are low res and CPU bound, you won't see any improvement. But as we see in Crysis DX10 very high, GPU bound can happen at low res even on these higher end GPU's. Most games your card alone should handle very well. COD4, you should be doing fine in, so even if SLI scales, do you need the performance? At 12x10, I'd think Crysis would be a rare example of a huge advantage game.

    I use SLI 8800GT at 1680x1050 and am pretty thrilled with the outcome. Crysis, I have compared much of the game between one and two cards and I'm getting way better performance at my native res than with a single 8800GT. Some levels not as much, other GPU crushing levels it's 80+ %. Gains in COD4 and outdoors in Oblivion are also huge, but you need to crank FSAA to make a single card struggle.
  14. i still would never recommend buying another graphics card to play one game...

    I understand that the future is hard to foretell, but still...

    first of all overkill comes to mind, second of all you never even posted your system specs, not to mention, what PSU you are using, how can anyone even give you a reliable answer if you do not post your specs?

    i understand what pauldh is saying, but you are in the field of diminishing returns, get a better monitor then enjoy higher res. And it is not a myth, i used to use a 1280*1024 on many different gpu set ups, SLI on the high end 6 series, 7 series, and midrange for 8 series never seemed worth it in terms of value, until of course it is compared to higher resolutions....

    Not to mention i was in your exact same place, when I got my 6800 ultra, and didn't see the difference until i played on a slightly bigger monitor, so the moral of the story is, don't bother with such high end GPU set-ups unless you have some actual use for all that gpu processing power...

    Otherwise you are wasting your own hard earned dollars, and if you've never held a job, then you might not understand, but heck if you ahve I'm sure you get it, otherwise do w/e you wish.
  15. Eventualy I will change my monitor.I know it's verry small.In fact it's a TV and a monitor but I use it as a monitor.It has a TV tunner included.
    Here are my system specs:Like I said I have An ASUS P5N-D ,Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.6 GHZ) ,2GB ram 800 mhz,600 Watts PSU,and 1x8800 GTS 512.
    Here is the techincal data for the PSU Technical Data
    › PSU type:
    › ATX 2.2 compatible
    › Output:
    › 600W
    › AC input:
    › 115-230 V Full Range
    › Fan:
    › 1x 120mm, bottom side
    › Fan speed:
    › ca. 1200~2200 rpm
    › Fan control:
    › temperature controlled
    › Noise level:
    › ca. 19,5 dB
    › PFC:
    › active
    › Power cord:
    › included
    › Certificates & approvals:
    › TÜV, CE, FCC, CUL, CB, CSA
    › +3,3V +5V +12V +12V -12V -5V +5VSB
    › 30,0A 35,0A 15,0A 16,0A 0,8A - 2,5A

    Cables & connectors
    › 20+4 pin (MB): 1x
    › Small 4 pin (FDD): 2x
    › Big 4 pin (HDD): 6x
    › S-ATA: 4x
    › 6 pin PCI-Express: 2x
    › 4 pin 12V (MB): 1x
  16. With your mobo, I figured you probably had plenty of CPU power, or could OC and get it if needed.

    I still wonder what games(s) is the single 8800GTS letting you down in at 12x10 res? Crysis DX10 very high with fsaa I could surely understand, but other than that?

    I often upgrade if my system lets me down in a game I want to play. Oblivion and Crysis for example. I also upgrade when fresh bargains come up. But I will agree with Frozen that at 12x10 you really should not be struggling with one GTS G92, so adding a second will provide higher fps (if not cpu bound), but is that really a benefit? I crank fsaa/af as much as possible to take advantage of my second G92 at 16x10 res.
  17. I'm not going to buy it now. I will buy it somewere after the summer break when prices will drop with the new cards coming out. I think I will be able to buy one at about 140 Euros then. There will be some new games out like far cry 2,Crysis warhead,Stalker .....Is my power suply enough for 2 GTS 512?
  18. Is it two 12v rails of 15amp and 16amp? That would not be enough for SLI GTS.

    I'm running SLI 8800GT in a OC'ed Q6600, and 4 drives (2 optical, 2 HDD), and am fine with a 550W. BUT, my 550W has 3 12v rails and max combined rating of 41 amps.
  19. It is SLi certified and I only have 1 hard and 1 DVD rom
  20. What's the exact make and model? Link to it's specs if possible. 15 amp and 16 amp 12v rails is often low for a single 8800GTS 512MB, depending what the max combined is (could be 31 amp, could be 22 amp, etc.)

    Remember, SLI certified doesn't mean GF8800 SLI certified. My 550W is SLI certified, but not SLI certified for two 8800GT although it runs it well on a loaded system. Still if I didn't already have this 550W, I would have bought bigger. The 650W version of mine is SLI certified for 8800GT SLI.
  21. ^exactly, just like there are quad sli certified PSUs, it might be for the old cards. you should check

    Bu to be honest, I don't trust those, they are overpower PSU requirements. I mean its a play it safe guide line.
  22. pauldh is running 2 GT'S in sli with a 550 Watts power supply but on I did not see his power supply as a certified .

    That's my power supply, and like I said, it is SLI certified and listed in SLI Zone, just not under the GF8800's. If your's is listed in SLIzone under the GF8800's as SLI certified, you are fine. If it's not, you may still be fine like I am. But we need to know the make and model (full specs).
  24. Xilence power gaming edition 600 watts ,12 cm fan low noise 19,5 Db(A).
  25. That has 2 12V's; 15A and 16A ^
  26. yes I know I've allready posted the specs
    › +3,3V +5V +12V +12V -12V -5V +5VSB
    › 30,0A 35,0A 15,0A 16,0A 0,8A - 2,5A
  27. is this it?

    Forget SLI 8800GTS G92 on 31 amps 12v (or possibly less).

    again, My 550W has three 18 amp 12v rails, max 41 amps combined. Yours doesn't state combined, but I'd think a 600W with such low 12v rails could possibly(not definately) have the rails added up for 31 amps.
  28. And this at EVGA site

    ''Minimum of a 400 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 26 Amp Amps.)
    Minimum 450 Watt for SLI mode system.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 30 Amp Amps.)
    An available 6 pin PCI-E power connector (hard drive power dongle to PCI-E 6 pin adapter included with card)
  29. If EVGA is right that means I should be able to run 2 GTS's
  30. That's odd. My BFG 8800GT says 28 amps 12v for one, see for sli requirements. My evag 8800GS says 26 amps 12v for one see SLI zone for dual card requirements. And 8800GS has to consume less power than an 8800GTS 512MB.

    Another very odd evga posting. 22 amps for an 8800GT, and 24 amps for sli 8800GT? That's 2 amps (24 watts) more 12v for the second card????
  31. I gotta be honest you are talking about a combined rating of maybe 24-25 ish amps, that is simply too slim of a buffer zone.

    You may want to think about getting a better PSU.

    Again your budget may not allow it but something along the lines of this would be just what the doctor ordered.

    41 Amps combines rating, yeah your golden, and with a OEM like Seasonic behind this, you know you are in good hands!
  32. Yes I know my PSU is not the best. I bought it about 6 months ago. I bought it for a SLi configuration ,but back then I was not that informed about SLi requirements.I just saw the SLi certified sticker and I bought It. I was in a hurry too because before i had a crappy no name PSu (400 w) for my old 8800 GTs 320.The old PSU could not take the 8800 GTS and EXPLODED!! IT fryed my motherboard only.
  33. I just calculated the total wattage on the 2 +12 rails = 372 watts and I found this.2 gts's in sli are using 354 watts and they are the old GTS's the G80 wich use more than the g92.
  34. just be careful b/c the wattage rating isn't enough, make sure you have a little more than enough amps on your combined 12v rails,
    FYI it is not as easy as adding them together, u have to figure out first what the wattage is total from those rails, like E.G. 420/12 = 35,
    so just exercise a little caution when doing those calculations b/c now a days most power is drawn from those 12v rials and not so much from the 3.3 or 5.
  35. I meant to say in that example that you tkae the total wattage that is attained from the 12v rials then divide that, then u get the combine amperage

    [Wattage from 12v rails] / [12 volt (constant)] = total combined 12v rail amperage. (aka the most important information regarding a PSU)
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