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hello. I've read almost all the posts on modems and none seem to help. I've installed my modem (on 2 different ports), installed the software(windows chose drivers) set everything up(dial up net. and my isp conection) when I try to log on I get no dial tone(tried hooking a phone to the line after the modem and picked up the handset to feed it a dial tone) then it wont dial. I have my modem speaker on yet I still can't hear the dial tone, or dialing, or the operator. I don't know much about IRQs but in my device manger it says there are no conflicts. I went into the diagnostics of the modem and it says all ok.
I don't know anything about Interupts could this be my problem. This is my first time running WinME(personally don't lke it). This is crazy. I've been trying to get this to work for 2 days. This is the first time I've built a system from scratch. Everything went smoothly (except being able to find my 98se disk). Any suggestions?

AMD T-Bird 1000mhz /266FSB
ASUS A7A266 (I haven't had 1 issue with this mobo. I was surprised due to the posts Ive read.)
Matrox millenium G450 32ddr
Aureal vortex SQ2500
Modem( don't know manufacturer)PCI56k conexant chip
128md Samsung PC2100 ddr
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  1. LOL picking up the hand set doesn't help your modem get dial tone any faster. It samples the phoneline directly. The purpose of the double jack is Input from wall and Phone. You said the diagnostic checks out? Did you manage to see what it said about port + interupt? You should see a bunch of strings in there also. Check that out and give a detailed description. You might have to reload the drivers for it manually. By going into Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System. Look for device manager click the plus sign next to the modem highlight modem by clicking on it and click the properties. Look for the driver tab. Bring out your modem installation disk click change driver and stick your disk in. re-install with manufacturer drivers. Also open your case pull your modem card and write down all the info. Should be a model # and do a web search for the model # you should find a few places out there with updated drivers.


    P.S. You can get to your device manager a lot faster by right clicking on My Computer -> Properties -> Then click on Device Manager Tab.
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