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Important Alien abduction interview of the week so far.
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  1. Jeesh ... tough crowd when the forum jester starts paying me out.

    /dons low radar crossection kevlar/aluminium/armadillo warhelmet ... with low IR turbofans ...

  2. Wearing my security systems will make you smell like lady googoo does. The specs on my low IR turbo fans available in S/M only. That Xoloitzcuintli is following you over the border (see note).

    'See' note:

    Key phrase: The Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced show-low-eats-queen-tlee), or "Xolo," is an ancient, natural breed from Mexico.
  3. So all you have is gaga's perfume and a scrappy looking dog??
  4. Dig those Roberta Flack Power Chords. I was playin' that in '71.
  5. Your peace offering and unconditional surrender is accepted.
  6. I have taken you to my leader. Should you ever travel to the land way under where I was birthed we will scale the cliffs of my origins and have a rebel yell.

    Although I live in the capital of Mexico with reservations, my heart is in Misery. Let's eat. :)

    Oh yeah, the Ozzie song. Thanks. Brings back memories of the Hell's Angels chick I was in love with. But, what is love?

    Here's another version with pictures. I know you like pictures. And stuff.
  7. After dinner your invited to come down to the neighborhood and meet my childhood friends. Bring your amp. And the helmet. Don't forget the helmet. :o

    The drummer is 75.
  8. He likes Telecasters eh?
  9. Teenage girls. And Elvis. Obviously. Elvis was in the building. Cher did her latest Farewell Tour on the undercard.
  10. He looks a bit like Steve ... 3 string Steve.
  11. I will see snaggle arm Elvis this morning. He walks in the alley over near the office and picks flowers. One string Elvis lived in our neighborhood. He stood in front of the drug store plucking the string and siad, "I'm Elvis." Navy guy.

    Seriously check this guy out ... I am going to the Blues and roots festival in March and Dylan is headlining ... wish Seasick Steve was there.

    3 String Trance Wonder !!
  13. I was raised in a tent like that.
  14. Bye a toothless, bearded hag with a strap right acoss my back. But it's all right now.
  15. In fact its a gas.

    Best played in B ... would you agree !!
  16. ... your rep is in the toilet now.

    I'd delete your post before they take your forum jester title away and replace it with forum fairy ... lol.

    Roberta Flack ... OMG !!!

    Now a decent ballad is something like "Children of the Sea" by Black Sabbath ... from Heaven and Hell.

    Repent sinner ... 4 hail mary's and 5 our fathers ... and 2 acts of contrition (help a mate with a decent overclock).
  17. I listened to Black Sabbath when no one ever heard of them. Same with the Doors and hendrix. When riding around in my car in high school playing my 8 track I was always asked, "who's that?" That was 1971. The Who, Hendrix, Black Sabbath...never heard of 'em. Of course all my friends and I had guitars and knew how to play CCR, Crimson and Clover and Hanky Panky for years by then. Let's just say we were far advanced from House of the rising sun.
  18. Another of my fav's ... kicks off best in Am.

    My kids are into folk music now.

    Got a good condenser recoding mike for the studio / shed last week ... we have an old Yamaha EMX desk.

    I think you just threw that link in there like a grenade ... I felt ill when i went to the link ... you really need to be more careful ... I nearly lost an eye.
  19. Wow so you play guitar a little? I still have my American Standard Fender Stratocaster and a custom made Paul Reed Smith. Still have my 100w Marshall and a smaller Studio 5 amp I bought for my son a few years ago. I can pretty much learn any song I can find a tab to. Enjoy playing Clapton stuff, the blues, Chili Peppers, and a lot of 60-70's oldies. Like heavy chick songs like Carol King, Natalie Merchant. LOL. I play the hell outta that stuff. Roberta Flack, yep. Like to make my kids feel loved if not guilty! When they come over I play the sad, heartful meaningful stuff. My daughter was second violin in her high school orchestra. I was playing this song the other day. Like the chord changes. Brings back memories of the old days when I was the only one I knew who was straight I could talk too. LOL.

    If you can play All Along the Watchtower (who can't~no Stairway though) you can play this tune I like a lot. I like Natalie better than Roberta Flack. Close.

    I also have my Fender Auditorium Electric acoustic. I look a lot like Dillion when I play it except not as drunk as He. I can made the adnodial sounds pretty well.
  20. I got tabbed by Youtube for copyright infringement for my rendention of this song I put up on Youtube. I would put the video up, but I was in a bathrobe and funny shoes when I made the video.
  21. Yeah been playing for 31 years.

    I have a 76 Strat, a 98 Epi, a very straight Monterey, a no-name bass, mandolin, kb's, Yamaha acoustic, 2 PA's, Zoom, chorus, waa, pedals and a lead amp.

    Have a 6 X 6 m studio.

    mike's etc ... all setup.

    We jam a bit.
  22. Wow! Kewl indeed. I've been playing for 47 years, since '64. I failed to mention I still have the 1938 Martin. My mom bought in new in '38 for $75, about a month or two's salary. My cousin borrowed it for years to play on a church radio show. It's really beat up. But when I play it it sounds like angels have appeared. LOL. Yeah, I've been around guitars and bands a lot. I don't have any recording equiptment. Same as talent. Kind of pegged at zero. I can play a lot of stuff. I wouldn't call it versatility. More like a scrambled compilation stuff chicks dig. 8) I'm pretty sure I could play you under the table.
  23. My strat is a 40 year anniversary American Standard made in like 1994. I bought it new for $700 I think. Has the original single coil pickups. It's very straight and I love playing it. I sold most of the guitars and stuff I had about 10-12 years ago. Kept my strat and a custom Paul Reed Smith. Both are really super players. I kept the Fender Auditorium acoustic electric I had bought many years ago and recently my son used it to take lessons. I had a guy file down the bridge and set it up. It plays pretty good on the first two frets. LOl.
  24. I took classical guitar lessons from Lee Zimmer for about two years when I moved to CA. Here is Lee playing the theme to The Deer Hunter. He taught me well.

    Rons Sachs (the guy playing the Flying V) was my teacher for nearly a year. Ron taught me a lot I will never forget. Just happened the same man who built my Paul Reed Smith built that Flying V of his. Ron said my PRS is one of top three guitars He has ever played. That's saying a lot.

    Ron's studio. Near my home, Ron got a group of investors together and opened this studio a few years ago.

    I have a friend who has a recording studio in his home. It's real nice built underground, well into the side of a canyon wall to damped the noise.
  25. My studio is homemade ... I followed some of Anand's ideas he put together with his home theatre room a couple of years ago.
  26. What songs/groups do you play most often? Any original material? Keep in mind my revelation of my history regarding my ability to perform through extensive studies regarding the musical exploitation of women.
  27. Well today I have been listening to Rodriguez a bit (Cold Fact) and some old stuff from the days of Chain / Matt Taylor Band.

    Plus a couple of tracks by Led Zep.
  28. You probably shouldn't try to compete with me in the women category unless you going to count ones you had to pay for badge ... including medical receptionists on your staff !!
  29. We have a staff I would put up against Hugh Hefner's staff. I swear to you now, J. Lo and Beckinsale work for us! Pencils pushed on paper at the front desk have sexually stimulating overtones. Of course I am simulated by the mere presence of female horomones since about the time I learned to spit up. Like today, I saw a female with her zipper down and... ...had to right my myself. Yeah her hotpants had the zipper down. Do you believe that was this morning and here I am twelve hours later thinking if she did it on purpose. She did. I have logically deduced she did. That little tramp left the zipper down on those hotpants. Excuse me while I gather myself. Again.

    Today I listend to Robert Plante and a couple of Chili Pepper tunes I like to play, Otherside and Zephyr song. And Johnny Rivers. Tomorow I start driving the CX7 for good! Has a Bose stereo! Not Speakers. Bose Stereo rey! Woo Hoo! Zipper down charging up 240 Hp. Turbo charged and zipperdown.
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