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When selecting files, is there an equivalent to the windows shift + click (which will select all the files in between to chosen file.
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    In OS X shift-click works only in list view. In icon view you need to left-click, hold the mouse button down and drag it over a number of items then release the button; this will select all of them. (This also works in Windows in icon view.)
  2. I knew about the click and drag but it is less precise as your file have to "fit" in the box.
    anyway thanks
  3. Easiest is just to switch to list view.
  4. Confirm it is easiest to just switch over to list mode and use shift to collect multi files for transfer or whatever your doing
  5. Hah)) Guys, just hold cmd (  ) on a keyboard and than click any files you want))) IT's just THAT Easy)))

    You are welcome =)
  6. That is easy - only problem is that it doesn't do what the OP requested. It's just not that easy.

    You are welcome.;)
  7. this prooves it, all Apple users are NOOBS...
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