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hey all,i have asus M2N32 motherboard and i got Soundmax sound drivers and Soundmax Superbeam mic with it,k so everything works,the mic works well but the voice quality is BAD,the sound is like im speaking with a mic in my mouth,so I bought a new headset with good mic,but i cant get it to work ;/ can u tell me what must i do to make the new mic work?
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  1. check if the mic boost is turned on. sometimes all that this will do is make the sound quality very bad.
  2. I had the same problem, and did reinstal drivers many times without fixing problem but i eventualy did fix it. This is what i did:

    1. i started instalation of sound max drivers that i allready had and when it asked "reinsatl and upgrade or uninstall' i selected uninstall, and rebooted system

    2. next i downloaded net framework 3.0 (don't ask me why), installed it and rebooted system

    3. now without sound i downloaded new sound driver (can't remember from where exacly but you can dl from this link as well) from TopDownloads - Àðõèâû -

    4. Important, before i installed new driver i unpluged microphone from computer and than installed new driver , rebooted system and microphone was working

    5. If mic works than you can improve sound by opening sound max (tray icon by the computer clock). On the top of window you have few shortcuts, the 3rd looks like hammer and is called "preferences", click it. Now there are 3 cards to select, you pick microphone and on the right select voice recording, than close that window and click first shortcut called "wizzard" and folow instructions..... nothing more i can tell......

    PS: i did step 4. twice, becouse first time i installed new drivers with microphone plugged in computer and when i unpluged it and restarted i got message sommething like "hardware changed, you must reinstall soundmax" and sound max stoped working.

    PSS: i didnt mention that i have assus m2n motherboard.

    hope this helps
  3. (Sorry for my english)

    i have the same problem, one day the sound dont work without any reason.

    Mi experience;

    - Uninstall from add/remove programs (no from setup program)
    - Reboot
    - Download from asus the drivers 5.10.1
    - Conect all the wires from 5.1 or HeapPhone to the soundCard
    - Install 5.10.1 from setuo
    - Reboot (and work the sound, at least for me)
    - Try it

    My Pc: windows XP - Asus P5K - E wifi - Core duo E6750 - 2 GB

    hope this helps
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