New build problems

Apologies if this is in the wrong place I am new so be kind

Just bought a new Gigabyte motherboard (GA-MA69G-S3H) with on board graphics, AMD x2 4800, 1 gig of ram and a new 500w PSU. Building a new system with my two ide HDDs and a new sata DVD writer.

Put everything together and when i switch on the CPU fan and case fan go. The DVD writer blinks and that is all, no disply on the monitor and now LED flicker to show any activity.

Is there anything obvious I could be missing ad there are no beeps from the case speaker.
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  1. cycle through possible inputs, make sure the cable is to the right video output make sure monitor is plugged in
  2. Does it beep at all?

    Make sure the motherboard is installed properly. Try with 1 stick of RAM, try in another slot.
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