Ok long story this is what happend. I got this new laptop from a pawn shop it was in good condition. Anyway the laptop has two partitions 1 wich is 11.5 gs for windows (I dont what kind of a idoit would do that) and 250 for the rest. So i do all the things possable i know to give it more space. I tred to use partition magic but that doesnt work for vista home premiam so i made another partion for it but it didnt do what i wanted so i got eid of it when i went back to vista i got a bootmgr is missing thing but fixed it. But now when i went in the partition that hade the 250 was gone and i dont know what to do i cant?
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Get a Partition recovery program.
  2. see here is the thing my hard drive also fills up for no reason and i can launch anything without it saying "is not a correct path" so what the hell do i do i dont have money to send it in becase im only 16 and spent my money on this laptop
  3. To start we need to know if there is anything on your hard drive you want to keep, or not? My guess is you have a version of Windows as the OS installed on the small partition and you definitely want that. But what about the big 250 GB Partition? IF it just has junk you don't want there may be an easy way for you to do this.

    If you can afford to lose EVERYTHING on the large Partition, you could actually use Windows Disk Manager to delete that Partition altogether. After that is done, Vista's version of Disk Manager WILL allow you to EXPAND the small Primary Partition into the empty space (Unallocated Space) you just created by removing the other Partition. I'm not sure just how much bigger you can take it, but I'm sure you could get it much bigger that 11 GB.

    Once you have it the size you want, then use Disk Manager again to create a new second Partition in the remaining Unallocated Space.
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