Will one Feser xChanger 120mm rad cool an oc'd i7 920

I am building a new system and only want to water cool my overclocked (hopefully to 4ghz)i7 920. Can I get away with 1 120mm rad in push pull? Or do I really have to go with a 240mm rad? (I would rather not as I would need to keep it outside my case.
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  1. do two 120mm then.
  2. Thanks I might be able to put them back to back.

    Do you guys think a TRUE would out perform this set up?
    [one feser 120mm xchanger (with two 120mm fans push pull) and an switftech apogee gtz?]
  3. You need at least a 2x120mm rad for that CPU...add another 2x120 per GPU being cooled, if you go that route.

    Do you guys think a TRUE would out perform this set up?
    [one feser 120mm xchanger (with two 120mm fans push pull) and an switftech apogee gtz?]

    No, it will run cooler on water, but only if you upgrade that rad. Do some research on the amount of heat in watts being removed from your rads vs. the output of your components to see what you need.
  4. God yes, go TRUE. Your wayy under what a proper WC loop needs.

    Stay air for under $100 or spend $300+ on a proper WC setup.

    Back to back. Hmm, what will the second rad be capable of cooling with the warm air from the second rad?

    You might get lucky and end up with in reality a 1.25 sized rad, or less.. Not big enough. Some overclockers need a 120x3 rad for the i7, depending on overclocks and ambient temps and fan choice.
  5. Outperform, yes, as long as you get a good setup. No, if you are highly concerned about the budget involved.
  6. Here are the parts I am considering if I go water...
    Swiftech Apogee GTZ, 7/16 tubing, Innovatek Eheim pump, not sure on the reservoir yet and the one feser 120mm rad...
    ( i was only thinking one 120mm rad as the only place inside the case for a 240mm would be at the bottom. This doesn't jive well as I want to go SLI, and I don't think there would be enough clearance with fans on top, plus I dont want cooling parts hanging outside the case.) - wow, run-on sentance..

    I was thinking for the single rad, I could remove the HDD cage and drop it in there.. already one 120 mm fan there, I could attach another to the back
    Watercooling parts order: Rad-CPU Block-Res-Pump; Rad-CPU Block-Res-Pump etc.

    Now, if i go with a second 120mm rad, think I could put that one in the 5.25 bay?
    Maybe just put a push fan on that one...
    Rad-Rad-CPU Block-Res-Pump; Rad-Rad-CPU Block-Res-Pump


    thx again for the help...
  7. p.s I have a thermaltake VH6000BWS case, I know its not a favorite among watercooling enthusiasts, but its what I got..
  8. You can split up rads and run a larger total rad surface area, so yea, it's doable.

    BTW, look at the D5 MCP655 or DDC3.2 MCP355 pumps. Better and most used in the WC world by a long shot.

    No matter what case etc, you can't beat physics on raddage size and wats needing removed.

    Have you thought of hanging the rad out the back? Tons of pics of honestly 10,000 people I'm sure who have done that is on the net.

    Here is a link to some more involved forums about watercooling. Read the stickies for a good start and find the build logs.

    http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/index.php? Not a noob site, but great stickies
    http://www.ocforums.com/ My fav, good peeps, know their stuff, less hardcore
    http://www.over-clock.com/ivb/inde [...] opic=20277 A GREAT Europe site
    http://translate.google.com/transl [...] n&ie=UTF-8 Info on rad testing

    http://www.dangerden.com/index.php [...] e&Itemid=1
  9. Thanks Conumdrum for the pump tips and the links...

    Yeah I have considered it, but I kinda wanted to see if I could squeeze it all in there since the case is a full tower.
    Been wanting to try WC for a while and with the i7 being such a heat producer seems like the perfect time as I am in the process of an upgrade.

    Thanks to all for the help, if anyone has a tip on a reservoir, let me know.
  10. A lot of people use the Swiftech Micro Res. I have used it and it works well; easy to fill and prime with it and takes up minimal space. It's something like 3"x4"x2" in dimensions.
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